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Ashley has been an Isopure Athlete since 2021, promoting the safe use of their various products. Any purchases made at the Isopure website with the code ASHJOI15 will get you a 15% discount!

Ashley began programming for LIT Method's on-demand classes in 2021, and will be creating more programs as well as teaching in-person classes at the Los Angeles flagship store as her schedule allows. For now, you can access her week-long program via the LIT Method website and the LIT app.

Ashley worked with MD Solar Sciences to promote using 100% Mineral SPF sunscreen sprays and cremes for healthier, happier skin, protected from the sun's harmful rays.

Videographer / Editor: Phil Engle

Ashley partnered with Pocari Sweat to help launch Japan's favorite hydration drink's entrance to the US market! Refreshing without feeling heavy in the stomach, Pocari Sweat is one of Ashley's go-to drinks during hard workouts.

Director: John-Michael Triana     Creative Director: Gene Ivery     Producer: Hiroko Saito  Creative Producer: Ryusuke Kondo     Production: STORIES INTERNATIONAL,INC

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